Full Name: Amalia Farrenthius

Alias: Amalia

Player: Amalia_

Title: None

Birthplace: Wilderness

Birth Year: 1145KL

Height: 5'5"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Fulgur

Patron Divine: Lady Vix

Hometown: Wanderer

Alliegence: Outsider

Relations: None


Amalia was born within the trees and orphaned a few years later when her parents got mauled by Wolves that were protecting the territory. At the age of four she was found and retrieved by a group of travelling gypsies and stayed with them untill she was independent enough to set off on her own.

Since then Amalia took up hunting to feed herself and to defend herself, she mainly uses a bow but is able to defend herself in hand to hand combat. She spents a few years living in the wild before she decided to travel through town to town to sell extravagant meats she hunted then had to make a living by selling common animal meats and pelts.