Black legion

Full Name: Antarius Hawk

Alias: Hawk

Player: Speesh_mahreens

Title: Feaster of Flesh

Birthplace: Deep in the forest

Birth Year: 1138KL

Height: 6'6" (without iconic armor) 6'9" (in iconic armor)

Status: Gifted

Bloodline: Firas

Patron Divines: Lord Noctus, Lord Xinos, Lord Nemors

Hometown: Unknown forest

Alliegence: Outsider


Mother: Maria Greymane (Deceased)

Father: Stark Hawk (Deceased)


Antarius was the son to two bandits, Stark Hawk, and Maria Greymane. Maria now having something to live for, tried to escape to the nearbye villiage to start her life with her son anew, she did not get long before Stark wounded her in the knee with a arrow, causing her to bleed to death minutes latter, watching helplessly as her husband took away her only child. Stark grew up living the bandit life, robbing the nearbye towns and hunting the local wild life. At the age of 24, his bandit camp was starting to get worse hunting trips each time, after a short while the bandits decided the turn againts one another, feasting on the corpses of their fellow thieves. After a few days of fighting and cannibalism, Antarius came out on top, he took the deceased fathers intimidating, but worthless in combat armor for himself and takes off to become loan mercenary.