Full Name: Jr Kai Clemons

Alias: N/A

Player: JrClemons

Title: N/A

Birthplace: Ravania

Birthyear: 1148KL

Height: 5'11"

Status: Gifted

Bloodline: Firas-Amaranth

Patron Divines: Lord Sekheimos, Lady Cinix, Lord Nemors, Lord Noctus

Hometown: Darkovia

Alliegence: Outsider


Jaksom Clemons

Elise Clemons


Jr is a 17 year old boy who was a part of the Ravanian tribe. He lives off of scratch and does anything necessary to survive. Jr has recently suffered from a severe case of insanity which is potentially dangerous to him and the others around him. Which also leads to Jr having two different personalities, a "good Jr" and a "bad Jr" and on certain occasions one can find Jr fighting with himself when his two personalities try to take over at once. He wears many outfits, for one: a skull mask and the Ravanian robe, two: just his bloody shirt that he wears underneath his Ravanian robe and his mask on his back, three: a new jacket and pants for him to fit into the society which was mended by Alexandria. His right eye was bloodshot and his left eye is blind due to the many battles he has fought, but currently his right eye is now purple due to recent surgury transplants. He is self tought on reading, writing and fighting. He has a hidden talent of alchemy that he is not aware of, but he is now unlocking his full potential. He worsips the Gods of Darkness, Death, War and the Goddess of Destruction due to his tragic past. But now here is a story of his tragic past...

The Ravanian tribe once was big and lively and Jr's father was the leader of the tribe, but one day when Jr was 3 years old his village was raided by the merciless tribe named Pendracons. The Pendracons raided the village, house by house, farm by farm, then they finally reached Jr's hut. When they reached Jr's hut, three of the Pendracons brutally beat Jr's parents with a wooden club, then a fourth Pendracon stabbed Jr's parents with a small stone dagger but left Jr to witness his parents death and to witness the destruction of his future village and his people. When they left Jr's hut, Jr ran over to his parents and held them as tight as he could, hoping that they would be ok but after about 5 minutes Jr realized that it was futile so...he just cried. After Jr was done crying he made sure that the Pendracons were gone and went to take a look outside and what he found was horrifying. The Pendracons burned the houses and the crops, they brutally murdered everybody, their blood leaked onto the cobblestone path that ran through the village. Jr could smell the strong essence of burning flesh as the fire spreads to the dead corpses, and in that instance he thought of something. "What if some escaped?" he thought to himself, "If so, can I find them? At least one..." So, from that point on it was Jr's goal to find any surviving members of the Ravania and sense then he has been asking himself the same questions as before, but over the years two new questions came to his head. Questions so powerful it hurts to even think of the answers. "Why me? Why am I alive?..."