Xazhi RP

Masgwi as a younger lad.

Full Name: Masgwi lmu'ji'j

Alias: Xazhi

Player: Xazhi

Title: None yet

Birthplace: Just outside Krelaak

Birth Year: 1140KL

Height: 6'4"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Fulgur

Patron Divine: None

Hometown: Area South of Arthedain

Alliegence: Outsider, sometimes works with Alliance

Aije (Father)
Lori (Mother)
Rejha (A childhood friend)


Raised in the lands south of Arthedain as a nomad with his mother and father. He never really took a side, but does on occasion work for the Alliance. He still lives as a nomad and a hunter/gatherer, and spends a lot of his time wandering.