Full Name: Raffin Frederick Ganz

Alias: 'Raf,' 'Freddie,' 'Ganz' (He much prefers Ganz)

Player: karhs12

Title: None

Birthplace: Locke

Birth Year: 1130KL

Height: 6'6"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Fulgur

Patron Divines: Lord Imperito, Lady Videth

Hometown: Locke

Alliegence: The Empire


Ciela Ganz, nee Sorte, Mother (Deceased)

Frederick Ganz III, Father (Presumed alive, whereabouts unknown)

Extended family (Unknown)


Raffin Ganz was a relatively normal child growing up. He always enjoyed helping clean up around the house, and his parents greatly appreciated it. However, around age seven, Raffin's father vanished. While others suspected that Mr. Ganz had abandoned his wife, Ciela knew better. Frederick was a good man. She started to try to find him, and between that work and the job she had taken up to feed herself and her son, she was working herself ragged. Raffin did what he could to help her, including much of the housework, but he was just a boy, and couldn't really be a major benefit in the search. Years passed, and Raffin and his mother became more and more engrossed in the search. When young Ganz was roughly fourteen years of age, his mother took ill. Unfortunately, she did not pull through. Raffin attempted to continue the search, systematically moving throughout Locke and nearby areas, but he was rather reckless and sustained some significant injuries to his face, chest, and arms after pressing a little too hard for information from a less-than-classy man.

Ganz effectively disappeared shortly after, with most of his friends assuming that he had gone off to other parts of Amaranthine to look for his father. He resurfaced in Locke four years later, bearing a metal mask and a detatched personality. He operated as a sort of a freelance investigator for quite some time, before joining the IIA shortly after it's formation.

He moves in a precise and almost mechanical manner, with his hands usually clasped behind his back. He is generally brief when speaking, but can be eased into a proper conversation with the right words. On occasions when he has gotten into a fight, the mechanical movements are done away with in favor of a similarly precise but much more elegant way of motion. Each blow and dodge flows into the next almost seamlessly.