Full Name: U'ma Siguranta Razbuneara

Alias: Uma

Player: Tarquinevi

Title: The Last, Stormkeeper

Birthplace: Siguranta

Birth Year: 1136 KL

Height: 6'3"

Status: Alive

Bloodline: Amaranth

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Patron Divine: Lord Kelaran

Hometown: Siguranta (Resides in Stormentarn)

Alliegence: Alliance

Relations: Razbuneara Clan


Uma is the last in the Razbuneara clan, an Anór clan of common Amaranth lineage originating from a small community at the SouthEest tip of Anór Island. All of their people bear the burden of the Gift. They believe they will be cured when they are forgiven by Kelaran at some point in the future.

The Razbuneara were wiped out slowly through skirmishes with other clans in the region before eventually being violently assimilated into the empire by the Huntic clan.

As no hometown is recognised or maintained any further, Uma's living arrangements are questionable, when pressed, he only refers to his home as 'Siguranta', an old Volkan word for 'Haven'.

Uma is a trained warrior and talented craftsmen with a deep love for his clan's history and traditions. He continues to wear the sacred garments of a warrior, which protect him from the sun as well as hide his identity to those he does not yet trust.

U'ma's character is suprisingly polite and jovial. He shows great aptitude in warfare and tactics.

Recent EventsEdit

U'ma initially swore to uphold the tenets of his people, even if it meant his lonely death as the last of his line. However, over many years of reading and re-reading the codex, he began to interpret Aur's words differently and instead chose to seek vengeance as Aur himself had once done.

So U'ma set out with the intent of defeating the Huntics and the Empire both, finding himself swiftly recruited by the Alliance.

U'ma trained with Strider, another Anórian, finding a natural rhythym as his apprentice. When Strider disappeared, U'ma begun training others in the ways of the warrior and spreading the Gift to those who sought it. Between periods of activity with the Alliance, U'ma resurrected and renovated the great stronghold of Stormentarn, which had fallen into bleak disrepair.

As time passes, U'ma becomes more devoted to the Alliance's goals, engaging in acts he once found reprehensible in exchange for clear results. U'ma still follows the codex to the letter and seeks to bring honorary Gifted members to the clan as a way of ensuring his line does not die out.

U'ma outwardly remains patient and polite to those in his company, but in some circumstance can be quick to criticise or anger, as evidenced by his standoff with Seeker Nivicus at the Citadel.

U'ma is occasionally referred to as the Stormkeeper, an honorary title traditionally bestowed to the Lord of Stormentarn, technically the ruler of his clan. However, as expected of a Razbunearan, he remains modest and rarely brings up the subject.

Rise to PowerEdit

U'ma remained loyal to Strider, even in his absence, but with a heavy heart and after months with no contact he accepted Strider's position as head of Warrior training within the Alliance. On the same evening, a rescue mission went awry, resulting in the entrapment and execution of Nikolé Celeste. Judge Tondier chose U'ma to lead the alliance forces. Casting aside his doubt, U'ma took up the title and assumed command immediately, vowing to turn the Alliance into a fighting force ready to counter the Empire at every turn.